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This was a weekend of contrasting emotions. It started full of confidence, hope and expectation, reached an all-time low and finished somewhere in between – that’s motorsport!

Saturday began so promisingly……………………no rain, the Brands Hatch crowd arriving, a new turbo fitted (that was a story all on its own) – what could go wrong?

Quite a lot actually, especially when you are on the first lap of the GP circuit and go into Surtees at 90mph on the Indy circuit racing line. Rookie error.

Well, you can’t say it wasn’t a show stopper – red flags, marshals and ambulances as well. The Saker looked very sorry for itself with no front end (most of which was buried in the tyre wall), but not half as sorry as the driver looked, who was actually hoping that he was seriously injured so he could hide in the back of one of the aforementioned ambulances.

To the untrained eye (i.e. everyone who saw it), the car looked beyond economic repair, but as if to prove that miracles do happen, Ed and the team at EJM Preparation managed to rebuild the car (amazing what duct tape and cable ties can do) and the guilty driver did his bit with a mercy-dash to B&Q for a new front splitter (isn’t that where McLaren get theirs from?). 4 hours later the car raced! A creditable 5 in class was achieved and everyone was glad Saturday was over.

By comparison, Sunday was easy – qualified 21 overall, finishes in both sprint races and all that really happened was the B&Q splitter gave up near the end of the last race, dragged on the deck, caught fire and gave the impression that the engine had blown – no drama there then!

All in all, the weekend was a tale of personal endeavour, the triumph of perseverance over adversity and above all else, if any other sign were needed – welcome to the world of motorsport, 99% frustration kept together by the 1% of absolute exhilaration!

Roll on Silverstone on 13th & 14th June – all are welcome.

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